About us

Contract manufacturer for functional foods, beverages, liquid supplement shots and sport nutrition in the Netherlands.
Proud member of Driessen Group of Companies (est. 1932)

the food subsidiaries
finished product specialist
production specialist

food extrusion specialist

flavour specialist

Our group certificates

As embedded in its name: nova et salutem — Salnova’s mission is to improve health and life quality of the consumers by sourcing the best ingredients with trusted partners, developing and supplying authentic and mindfully-designed functional foods, beverages and food supplements.

At Salnova Nutritec, we passionately embrace the global shift towards prevention over treatment in the realm of health and wellness. In an era marked by rising health awareness, we stand at the forefront of this movement, constantly innovating for a proactive approach to product development, We believe in empowering companies to take charge of creating options for consumers while emphasizing the pillars of high quality standards, innovative formulations and efficient production all in one location.

Over 50 years
of food experience
80K m²
of space
Family business with 90 years of history