Your partner in smart ingredient solutions

Transforming selected high-quality nutraceutical and personal care ingredients into authentic and novel formulations.

Reliability and consistency

We look for authentic raw materials that provide added value through years of established partnerships.


Not a seller/trader of raw materials. Rather inspire customers with new ideas and outstanding product formulations using diverse Ingredients.

Technical support

Careful consideration about application of ingredients into product. Unlocking the potential of raw materials and ensuring the best use that customers benefit from.

Regulatory compliance

Curating quality right from the source to ensure the end products meet industry regulations and certifications standards as well as customer.

What we offer

Coming from a nutraceutical and food CMO background, we offer smart ingredient solutions that free you from procurement hurdles. 

Vitamin premixes

Vitamin Premixes:

With an intricate mastery of sourcing the finest raw materials, we contribute to the foundation of premium supplements and personal care products.


Food and beverages, dietary supplements, sports nutrition products


Customizable multivitamin premixes simplify the procurement process by offering a one-stop solution for essential vitamins and minerals

Full spectrum Vitamin E


Vitamin E is the best-known antioxidant. NovaToco is a natural full spectrum vitamin E that contain both tocopherols and tocotrienols.


Nutritional supplements, food fortification agents, antioxidant.


NovaToco is a range of self-emulsifying tocotrienol mix with customized concentration, extracted from palm or rice bran. It is an antioxidant derived from natural fatty acids source. Tocotrienols have unique physiological supported by large amount of scientific literature. Tocotrienols are found superior to tocopherols in some physiological functions.